Velvet Fine Art Paper


Luxurious, textured inkjet fine art paper

* 100-Years Certified Archival certificate by Accredited 3rd Party

* Certified by Canon Alliance Partnership Program for imagePROGRAF Large-Format Solutions in conjunction with the Rochester Institute for Technology (RIT) for the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, PRO-2000, PRO-4000, and PRO-6000 devices

* Perfect for fine art prints

* Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax

* Consistent and reliable quality

* Lightly textured finish  |  19 mil thickness  |  310 gsm weight



What looks good on Fine Art Velvet Paper? (trick question: everything does)


The softness of the material, while capturing some of the sharpest detail and vibrant colors helps make this an excellent choice for any nature enthusiast. 



The unique surface of this paper complements people so well, and the rigidity of the 19mil paper makes it easy to put in ready-made or existing frames



Reproduction paintings on Velvet Fine Art Paper gives the illusion of of being able to touch the brush strokes.


Black & White

The blacks are so much deeper than any traditional print, and the deep blacks on this substrate will absolutely NOT glare or reflect.


This 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and is  acid and lignin free. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind.

No Glare

The Velvet paper is the definition of a Matte finish. It has zero glare and zero reflection issues. Great for rooms with lots of natural lighting. Even less reflective then our White Matte Metal Prints. 

Color Brilliance

Elegance Velvet is ideally suited for luxurious fine art and photographic reproduction, portraits, and representational art graphics for printed displays. Match this material with one of our custom frames today.


Impress your clients

Whether you are in your corner office with the view, or your living room, the Fine Art Velvet Paper is likely to catch everyone’s attention. Because it has such a vibrant non-reflective surface, you can count on everyone being able to see it, no matter the time of day. Give it a shot today… you won’t be disappointed. 

Velvet Fine Art


*Loose Paper Prints are .12 per square inch (i.e. 20 x 30 = 600 sq/in x .12 = $54)

Size Loose Paper/Canvas
5×7 $4.2
8×10 $9.6
8×12 $11.52
12×12 $17.28
11×14 $18.48
12×18 $25.92
12×24 $34.56
16×20 $38.40
16×24 $46.08
20×24 $57.60
16×32 $61.44
20×30 $72
24×30 $86.4
18×36 $77.76
24×36 $103.68
30×40 $144
30×45 $162


Printing can take up to 7-14 Business Days

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