click here to download Pure Art’s Soft Proof Profiles

We provide an ICC profile for you to use when soft-proofing your images before submitting them for a print order.

This ICC profile is meant only for viewing. Do not embed the profile in your images.

The files should only either have sRGB or Adobe RGB embedded. sRGB is preferred for photo paper prints, while Adobe RGB is preferred for giclée, metal, and press printed items.

This profile should only be used in conjunction with a regularly-calibrated monitor. Otherwise, there is no objective standard for comparison between monitor output and print output.

About Soft Proofing

Soft proofing lets you temporarily simulate how an image will appear on another device, such as a printer, by using only a computer monitor. Soft proofing shows what happens when the image’s color space is converted into the printer’s color space — and is identical to how a color-managed image is converted when it is sent to print. This can be a very helpful tool for making more predictable prints. The image file itself remains unaltered, and the pixel values of the image are unchanged.  Any out-of-gamut colors will be shown compressed into the printer’s (typically) narrower color gamut.

Installing the ICC Profile

To set up profile in Photoshop:

  • View menu > Proof Setup > Custom > Locate PURE ART METAL SOFT PROOF from the list of profiles

Photoshop Settings (PS version 7+):

  • Preserve color numbers/RGB numbers – uncheck
  • Render intent – perceptual
  • Black pt. compensation – check
  • Simulate black ink/white paper – uncheck









Once you have selected these options, click the “Save Button” and name the profile Pure Art Metal.psf
















Once the profile is saved, then click “OK” in the original “Customize Poof Condition” screen

This will now allow you to toggle Bay Photo’s ICC profile in View > Proof Setup. Once you have toggled “Proof Setup,” please toggle go back to View and toggle “Gamut Warning” to make sure the colors in your file are within our printing gamut.

To set up profile in Lightroom (LR version 4+):

  • In Develop module, check the Soft Proof box towards the bottom
  • For the Profile setting, select Other >
  • select Pure Art Metal
  • Render Intent – Perceptual
  • Simulate Ink & Paper – uncheck

Use Proof Colors setting under the View menu in Photoshop to switch back and forth between the viewing profile constraining the embedded color space, and the embedded space by itself.

In Lightroom, check and uncheck the Soft Proof box to toggle the profile off and on.

When the profile is applied to most images, there will be a subtle shift, but if the image contains tones that are out of gamut, those areas will shift more noticeably.

What is a Metal Print?

Pure Metal Prints are your photographs that have been infused directly onto metal. The vibrancy, detail, and depth of metal prints truly feels like you could step into the print. Each metal print is ready to hang unless you specifically want only a flat metal print. We use the same quality that can be found in many fine art galleries around the world.

What is a Metallic Print?

Metallic prints are photographic paper prints. We print your photograph on archival paper with inks that are rated with the Wilhelm Institute to last over 200 years for color and 400 years in black and white. All paper prints come rolled in a sturdy tube to ensure safe shipping.

Is my finished metal print ready to hang?

Yes, we ship all our prints out ready to hang, unless you specifically choose to have no hangers on it. We offer different mounting and hanging options.

What size should I print and still maintain a good quality image?

We recommend using the highest quality image setting on your digital camera. Find out what your off the camera size is at 300 dpi, that is your optimal size. BUT we are very experienced in enlarging photographs to 200-300% its native size. Just select the size you want and will let you know if your file can’t do that size. 

How long will it take to receive my photograph?

As each print is one of a kind and custom printed we give ourselves 7-10 business days to ship. If you do need a rush on an order please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

What is the biggest file I can upload on this site?

100MB is the largest file that can be uploaded through the website, but anything larger can be uploaded directly to our dropbox link here: Click Here

Will you retouch my image?

If you want us to retouch your image we would love to do minor adjustments for color, you can check the box at the end of your checkout indication if you’d like us to or not. If you want major digital work email or call us and we will give you a quote on the digital editing to your image.

How will my order be shipped?

We carefully package each finished print and insure it. We ship using UPS, FEDEX, or USPS to a mailing address you give during checkout.

Any special instructions for our files before we submit?

We prefer to receive files that are 300dpi at the size that you want them printed. But we can also still achieve max print resolution at 150dpi in the size that you want them printed. This would work well if you have a file that is 12×18 at 300dpi and you want to print it at double the size at 24×36, once enlarged it would be equivalent to 150dpi.
Please do not increase dpi to 300dpi if the file was not create at that size to begin with, this will create a “false” dpi and won’t look any better than if you had kept at it’s native dpi setting.

Make sure your image is RGB and in the Adobe RGB 1998 work space. (Adobe Photoshop: go to Image/Mode)
Then when you save your tiff or jpeg check the box that asks to “embed profile”.

Can I add a signature to my picture?</p> <p>

Yes, if you would like to add a digital signature make sure it is at least 1/2 inch from the edges of your image. Also, double check that actual size of your photo and your signature. We recommend the signature to be anywhere from 1-2 inches long to have a realistic look. We also, are happy to place the signature for you. Just email us a picture of your signature. 

Common  Questions

Printing can take up to 7-14 Business Days

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